Bob Bell (Ward 1) – Candidate Questionnaire

Bob Bell is an engineer and entrepreneur that owns and operates Wike Bicycle Trailers. Growing from a small basement operation to a thriving local manufacturer, Wike is the largest manufacturer of bicycle trailers in North America. Every trailer that Wike sells is made in Guelph. In 2006, Bell was first elected to Guelph City Council, and in his role as a councillor he’s served on the Solid Waste Master Plan Committee, the Composting Steering Committee, the Grand River Conservation Authority, Guelph Non-Profit Housing Corporation and the several Standing Committees. Before council wrapped before the election, he was Chair of the Planning, Engineering, Environment, and Building Committee. He also boasts the best attendance record of any city councillor, and Bell hopes that because of his track record of voting and acting independently, his constituents will return him to council for a third term. Continue reading “Bob Bell (Ward 1) – Candidate Questionnaire”

Furfaro Decides to Not Run for Re-Election

Another one bites the dust? Perhaps a cruel (or cruelly funny) way of putting that, but in week that’s already seen two incumbent councillors decline the chance to run for re-election, first-term Ward 1 Councillor Jim Furfaro has decided to join them. All eyes now turn to Furfaro’s Ward 1 colleague Bob Bell, will Bell ring up a re-election push, or has he tolled for the end of his time on city council? Continue reading “Furfaro Decides to Not Run for Re-Election”