Burcher Withdraws From Ward 6 Race Though Still on the Ballot

In what’s been something of a trend this election, Council Candidate Lise Burcher has said that though she’s still on the ballot, she’s technically not in the running for one of Ward 6’s two council seats in next month’s municipal election.

Suspicions and concerns were initially raised when Burcher didn’t take part in a ward debate last night. Confirming Tuesday to Guelph Today, Burcher explained that she’s no longer running for council in order to continue her community advocacy from outside the system.

“The real issue for me is that my background is very much in community organizing, advocacy and helping people engage more effectively, that’s where my true calling is,” Burcher told Today.

“I just though that I could be more effective outside of the horseshoe I think in terms of my advocacy work and helping bring attention to matters and helping people to organize and have a voice.”

Burcher served for 11 years on city council before opting not to stand for re-election in 2010. Since then she’s also ran to be the Liberal nominee for Guelph in the 2015 Federal Election, but ultimately lost against Lloyd Longfield.

The Ward 6 contenders now consists of five names including incumbent Mark MacKinnon, and challengers Ushu Arora, Stacy Cooper, Anshu Khurana, and Dominique O’Rourke.

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