We’ve talked about a lot of heavy stuff on the podcast this year – the pandemic, sexual violence, trans healthcare, mental health and reconciliation all to name a few. So before we take a summer break* it felt like we needed a safe space, somewhere serene where we can get back to nature and just talk like two people. In other words, we just need someone to tell us a story. Continue reading “GUELPH POLITICAST #336 – Story Time”

OP-ED: Will the Guelph Innovation District Be Everything We Want it To Be?

A few days ago, Guelph-based builder Fusion Homes announced that they had closed the deal to buy the Guelph Innovation District Lands. A slick video posted on social media promised “thousands of jobs, and endless new entertainment, shopping and dining experiences,” but was that the point of creating the GID in the first place? One concerned Guelphite wants the developer to remember the core ideas of the GID in the first place. Continue reading “OP-ED: Will the Guelph Innovation District Be Everything We Want it To Be?”

OP-ED: Jay Wilson Talks About “Arts’ Immeasurable Value”

Lately we’ve seen the effects of the pandemic on the performing arts. Audiences have disappeared. Live performances have been replaced by online performance attempts. Artists are struggling. However, on the positive side, I’ve witnessed first-hand a storytelling experience that uses simple technology – the telephone – to bring joy to those who are locked away from social interactions and who are the most vulnerable to COVID-19. Continue reading “OP-ED: Jay Wilson Talks About “Arts’ Immeasurable Value””