Mac’s Back, Or Is He? Questions Remain About Candidate’s Unofficial Status

On Tuesday, Ward 1 voters were suddenly wondering if they had a new candidate on the ballot. Or make that an old candidate on the ballot. As previously reported, council candidate Thai Mac left the 2022 election race a few weeks ago after some social media posts of questionable taste started to get passed around, even though he will technically remain on the ballot. So is Mac still looking for your vote? Continue reading “Mac’s Back, Or Is He? Questions Remain About Candidate’s Unofficial Status”

Wanna Run for City Council? Check Out These Info Sessions!

There’s a municipal election this fall, and if you’re reading this website you might be interesting in running, or at the very least staying on top of all the latest developments. If you are interested in running though, you may be interested in learning about what the process entails, and there are a pair of information nights coming up if you would like to learn more. Continue reading “Wanna Run for City Council? Check Out These Info Sessions!”

Ontario Gov Looking at Changes to Municipal Elections

Even as the provincial government tries to scramble to reform their own fundraising activities, they will be considering changes to how municipal elections will be run in 2018. Queen’s Park has announced today proposed changes to the Municipal Elections Act (MEA), that will, if passed, “modernize municipal elections and provide the option of using ranked ballots in future municipal elections.” Continue reading “Ontario Gov Looking at Changes to Municipal Elections”