Guelph’s Going to Protest Trump Too

You may have heard about the more than 200,000 people that are heading to Washington D.C. this weekend to protest incoming President Donald Trump. You may have read about the quartet of Guelph women who are going to join them. But if you can’t make the trip yourself, or even go to a solidarity march just down the road in Toronto at Queen’s Park, then there’s good news. The Royal City’s going to show their anti-Trump colours too.

This coming Saturday from 12 pm to 2 pm at Market Square, concerned Guelphites are being asked to gather not for a march, but to send a message of unity. “To be clear, our Guelph event is not a march,” says the Facebook event. “Instead, we have planned an opportunity for all who oppose intolerance, regardless of their gender or gender identity, to participate in an act of solidarity with The Women’s March on Washington, in DC and globally.”

People are being invited to bring signs and noisemakers while the organizers, Leanne Krick and Bree Woods, will be providing a giant card for community members to sign with “messages in support of equality and justice for all.” The card will be mailed to the White House at the end of the event.

“Across Turtle Island (North America) we have seen a rise in acts of hate coinciding with the American election,” says the event page. “We come together to say we will not be silent in the face of the hate that has threatened, demonized and insulted so many of us – Muslims, Jews, racialized people, Indigenous people, migrants and those with precarious or no legal status, members of the LGBTTQQ2SI communities, differently abled people and women.”

We’re presently trying to organize an appearance by the Guelph event organizers and/or the ladies heading to Washington on this week’s Open Sources Guelph. Visit that website to find out the details once they’re confirmed.

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