Sources Say a Change is Coming on Vaccine Certificates

After weeks of excuses – from saying that they didn’t want to create a two-tiered system, to saying that a piece of paper easily copied in Microsoft Word was fine as proof – there’s news Friday night that the Government of Ontario might be changing their minds on vaccine certificates. Sources are telling multiple media outlets that so-called vaccine passports are on the cabinet agenda next week, and not a moment too soon. Continue reading “Sources Say a Change is Coming on Vaccine Certificates”

Schreiner Joins Chorus Demanding Vaccine Passports for Ontario

The increasing COVID-19 case counts, the threat of the Delta variant, and the difficulty getting the last 25-30 per cent of the province fully vaccinated is prompting people to push the Government of Ontario to implement a certification program for people who have received their vaccines, aka: a so-called “vaccine passport.” One of the latest people adding their support to that idea is none other than Guelph MPP Mike Schreiner. Continue reading “Schreiner Joins Chorus Demanding Vaccine Passports for Ontario”