MEETING PREVIEW: Transit Advisory Committee Meeting for May 18, 2023

This month’s Transit Advisory Meeting will catch up on some recent transit developments outside the committee room and then talk about what’s next. Since last month’s TAC meeting, city council formally passed the transit fare review so what happens now? In other matters, transit staff will talk about future plans, rider concerns, schedule changes, and, naturally, what’s going on with the electric bus.

NOTE #1: This meeting takes place at 5:30 pm in Committee Meeting Room A at City Hall.

NOTE #2: There were no formal reports attached to these items, so the information presented here is incomplete.

Fare Strategy Implementation Last month, council approved the new Transit fare strategy, albeit with some adjustments. Courtney McDonald, Manager of Transit Business Service, will talk about what come next with the plan and how it will be implemented.

Planning and Scheduling Update: Accessibility Survey and Mobility Service Discussion – Guelph Transit recent concluded a public engagement on the Have Your Say site, so this will likely be the survey mentioned in the topic heading. Also, Chair Susan Carey wants to raise a top of conversation called, “Community Engagement from People with Accessibility Concerns,” which may or may not be similar to a topic that will be raised during the Rider Feedback segment. Darron Glasgow, Transit Scheduling Specialist, will be on hand to explain.

Guelph Central Station: Platform and Signs – On Monday May 7, there were some changes initiated to select transit routes, and some of them involved a name change. That means that there will probably need to be some new signs at Guelph Central Station, but there may be more to this report because construction of new shelters at the station will begin in June, which might have an effect on where the buses stop temporarily. Abby Spielmacher, Project Manager of  Customer Experience, will explain.

TAC Members’ Rider Feedback – This is the opportunity for members of the committee to offer some first hand feedback about the current transit service and notes that they’ve received from other riders they know. There are already two topics on the agenda for this month, one is the schedule and availability of mobility transit, and the other is the suggestion for practice bike racks.

General Transit Update – Management staff will be on-hand to offer updates on any pressing transit business that’s not been covered in any of the above topics and categories.

Electric Bus Update – You’ve probably been seeing Guelph’s first electric bus out and about as it’s being put through its paces. Likely, staff will provide an update on how operator training has been proceeding and when the bus might be formally incorporated into the fleet as well as a potential update on the delivery of the next three buses.


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