Another Tuesday, Another Outbreak at Guelph General Hospital

For the fourth time in less than two months, there’s a new COVID-19 outbreak in the Guelph General Hospital. Even though there was an outbreak cancelled just five days ago on Friday, and the another outbreak was expected to be ended later this week, it looks like COVID-19 is not finished with the hospital yet.

In a media release on Tuesday evening, the Hospital announced that there’s a new outbreak in the 7 East unit with two patients testing positive for the virus. The other current outbreak in the hospital is in 5 West, where there have been two other positive cases in patients so far. Assuming that there are no additional cases, the outbreak could be called off by Saturday.

“Several steps have been taken to help patients and keep the virus from spreading,” the release said. “These steps include; putting all the patients in the units in appropriate additional precautions, COVID testing of all patients in the two units, closing the units to visitors and increasing the cleaning being done including frequent cleaning of high touch and high traffic areas.”

An outbreak on 6 West where one patient and one staff member were infected was just declared over on Friday. This would be the eighth COVID-19 outbreak at Guelph General Hospital since the start of the pandemic infecting seven patients and 18 staff members, while resulting in three fatalities.

There are presently nine institutions in Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Public Health that are dealing with COVID-19 outbreaks, including Guelph-based facilities LaPointe Fisher, and Homewood. Six people have died due to these recent spate of COVID outbreaks which also accounted for 169 cases in patients or residents plus 128 cases in facility staff.

In the ICUs across Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph  there’s been some relief on the pressures with occupancy now at 86.2 per cent, or 10 cases, while acute care occupancy is now at 847 per cent, or 28 cases. There were just 28 confirmed new cases on Tuesday, which brings the number of active cases in the region down to 590, but there were two additional COVID fatalities on Monday, to bring that total up to 141 since the start of the pandemic.

In the meantime, the Ontario science table announced today that there are indicators that the Omicron wave has plateaued and a decrease in cases has begun, but they warned that a change to public health measures to allow more re-openings and gatherings could see cases bounce back. “The size of any resurgence is difficult to predict and will depend on vaccination, the spread of Omicron, and changes in behaviour (e.g., mobility, masking),” said the notes in the modelling.

The science table also said that there have been between 1.5 million and four million infections since December 1 according to wastewater measurements.

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