New COVID Outbreak in Guelph General Hits Two Wings

It’s not exactly the news you want to post as the region continues to struggle to get COVID-19 under control, but the Guelph General Hospital announced on Wednesday night that they’re now dealing with another outbreak in two of their wings. Four patients and one staff member have been hit by the virus, as Guelph’s Hospital stands as the only institution in Wellington, Dufferin, and Guelph now dealing with a COVID outbreak. Continue reading “New COVID Outbreak in Guelph General Hits Two Wings”

Hospital Says the Outbreak is Over; Public Health Warns No Easter Parties

Last week, the Globe and Mail noted that the Guelph General Hospital had been hit the hardest among all of Ontario’s hospitals in terms of staff infected by COVID-19. The week before that, Guelph General announced that there was an outbreak in one of their wards that precipitated the announcement of State of Emergency in Guelph. This Thursday, according to the Hospital, the outbreak is over. Continue reading “Hospital Says the Outbreak is Over; Public Health Warns No Easter Parties”

Hospital Looking to Hire 100 New People, Not Looking for Food Dontations

Guelph General Hospital is asking for help beyond the general warnings about social distancing, and covering your face when you talk. If you’re interested, and available, to lend your time and your energy to the Hospital under these difficult circumstances, they want you to know that they’re hiring as many as 100 people for a wide variety of positions, day and night, full-time and part-time. Continue reading “Hospital Looking to Hire 100 New People, Not Looking for Food Dontations”

Two Healthcare Workers at Guelph General Have COVID-19

It’s been a busy couple of days in our area for breaking COVID-19 diagnoses, but the latest news hits Guelph General Hospital hard as two members of staff there have tested positive for the virus. The leadership of the hospital says that they’ve got things under control, but recent events should show the whole community that COVID-19 is here, and we need to take it seriously. Continue reading “Two Healthcare Workers at Guelph General Have COVID-19”

General Hospital Tightening Hospital Restrictions Further

After already changing their rules for visitors once earlier this week, Guelph General Hospital announced further restrictions last night that will more severely limited who can visit the hospital, and when. Guelph General is one of many hospitals in Ontario to take more drastic action to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 from within their own doors. Continue reading “General Hospital Tightening Hospital Restrictions Further”