U of G Students Move In This Weekend, and Safe Semester Begins!

You know fall is close when the students return to the University of Guelph. This weekend, it might be best for you to avoid this particular stretch of Gordon Street because over 5,000 students will be moving in to their dorms, and the U of G admin has some notes for them and the greater Guelph community. Meanwhile, the City of Guelph is looking to next weekend, and the start of the annual Safe Semester program. Continue reading “U of G Students Move In This Weekend, and Safe Semester Begins!”

GUELPH POLITICAST #186 – Live-ish from Move-In Day

It’s a strange sight every year; one day campus is all but empty, and the next day it’s bursting with life. Saturday was Move-In Day at the University of Guelph as thousands of first year students moved in to their dorms, made new friends, and got their first taste of adulting as they began their academic pursuits (whatever they may be). Continue reading “GUELPH POLITICAST #186 – Live-ish from Move-In Day”