McNaughton Likes His Party’s Odds in Guelph this Election

Wouldn’t it be nice if Guelph had an MPP that was part of the next provincial government? This is the pitch from current Ontario Labour Minister Monte McNaughton. The incumbent Lambton-Kent-Middlesex candidate stopped by the campaign office for Guelph Progressive Conservative nominee Peter McSherry, and both men agreed that McSherry having a spot in the next Ford government is a good idea. Continue reading “McNaughton Likes His Party’s Odds in Guelph this Election”

Ontario Has a Plan to Stay Open Now, Plus a New Benefits Panel

People are probably pretty aware that Ontario had to struggle to respond to the pandemic when COVID-19 broke out here in March 2020. With the pandemic in recline, it seems appropriate to start talking about the future, and the Government of Ontario announced Tuesday morning their “Plan to Stay Open”, a series of measures meant to make sure Ontario’s healthcare and procurement systems are ready for the next pandemic. Continue reading “Ontario Has a Plan to Stay Open Now, Plus a New Benefits Panel”

Ontario Government to Add Work Protections from Employer Surveillance

It’s been said before, but the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we work in more ways than one, and while many people probably enjoy the freedom of being able to work from home, how and when you’re working, as well as what else you’re doing on a work computer, could be being monitored by the boss. Ontario Labour Minister Monte McNaughton apparently doesn’t like the sound of that, and wants to take steps to protect workers. Continue reading “Ontario Government to Add Work Protections from Employer Surveillance”