BUDGET 2016: MacKinnon Expands on No Vote

Shortly after the razor thin vote of 7-6 in favour of the 2016 Budget, Ward 6 Councillor Mark MacKinnon sent out the above tweet. I decided to ask him to expand on his comment, and although he, like many councillors, was committed to bringing in a lower increase for the next year, that actually wasn’t the crux of where he disagreed with the approved budget. Continue reading “BUDGET 2016: MacKinnon Expands on No Vote”

BUDGET 2016: City Puts a Happy Face on Contentious Budget Night

It took two days, a total of 11 hours, and nearly a million dollars added and taken back, but Guelph finally got a budget for 2016. As per tradition, the city’s press office sent out a press release following the meeting announcing success. Continue reading “BUDGET 2016: City Puts a Happy Face on Contentious Budget Night”

LIVE BLOG: City Hall Tries Again with 2016 Operating Budget.

Tonight, city council will try again with the 2016 Operating Budget. The capital budget was approved unanimously last night, but things started to get sticky when after hours of negotiation and debate, the final tally came in at $217,336,736 or 3.42% above 2015. Most of council balked at that number and the budget failed to pass by a motion of 5 to 8. So now what? Council will begin tonight, revising yesterday’s close votes in order to sort out again what they need, and what the city can afford. What will the final impact be? Continue reading “LIVE BLOG: City Hall Tries Again with 2016 Operating Budget.”

LIVE BLOG – City Council Decides on 2016 Budget

A number of tough choices lie ahead for Guelph’s city council tonight. Many on council want to keep any potential tax increase inline with the rate of inflation, others are concerned about making too many significant cuts in city services. Meanwhile, there are a lot of people in the city worried about losing transit services, or paying more for them (not to mention paying more for just about anything else). So many tough decisions, what will the 13 members of city council do? Continue reading “LIVE BLOG – City Council Decides on 2016 Budget”

BUDGET 2016: Other Points of Concern from Public Input

Many of the concerns on public feedback night in council’s 2016 budget deliberations involved big ticket items: garbage pick-up, transit, taxes, but many people came out to speak to a variety of different issues. Whether it’s fees, mobility, or funding for new and continuing projects there was a lot of insight into what city council should make a priority in the next year. Continue reading “BUDGET 2016: Other Points of Concern from Public Input”

BUDGET 2016: Garbage, Taxes, Services Among Other Points of Public Concern

Of the 37 delegations that came out to speak on the 2016 Budget last night, over a third of them were in some way concerned about the proposed service cuts and fare hikes to Guelph Transit, but that wasn’t the only issue that got interest from multiple parties. Continue reading “BUDGET 2016: Garbage, Taxes, Services Among Other Points of Public Concern”

BUDGET 2016: Many Concerned About Proposed Transit Cuts

Tonight, Guelph City Council received feedback from the general public regarding the proposed Operation budget for 2016, and of the 37 delegations that spoke, nearly more than a third, had transit on their minds. City staff recommended that one-way fares be raised from $3 to $4, and that service should be rolled back to one hour on Sundays and holidays, and it was the opinion of all 13 that spoke on the matter tonight that such moves were a bad idea. Continue reading “BUDGET 2016: Many Concerned About Proposed Transit Cuts”

City Wants Your Two Cents About the Budget

After the truncated effort to pass a budget earlier this year, the City of Guelph, its staff, and political leaders are going to try something new for the 2016 Budget, a massive new effort to try and gather as much community consultation as possible before city council votes for the final budget in December.

Continue reading “City Wants Your Two Cents About the Budget”