Do You Miss a Daily Newspaper? Tell This Lady About It

Hard to believe, but it’s been going on nearly a year now that Guelph has gone without a local paper. The Guelph Mercury-Tribune, Guelph Today, myself, and a few others have tried to fill the void of the old Guelph Mercury, but can anything really replace that hole left behind by a local daily newspaper, and how are we all coping with that? Well, I now know at least one lady who would like an answer to that, and she’d like your feedback as well. Continue reading “Do You Miss a Daily Newspaper? Tell This Lady About It”

Is it the Hamilton Spectator Presents The Guelph Mercury Now?

If you went to the Guelph Mercury website with longing this morning, you may have been surprised to see that there were new articles posted there. The pleasantness of that surprise was somewhat diminished though when it was revealed to you that those articles came courtesy of the Hamilton Spectator. So is this the fate of the Mercury now, to be an up-to-date pipe for other newspapers in the Metroland family still printing? Continue reading “Is it the Hamilton Spectator Presents The Guelph Mercury Now?”

Mercury Website May Not Be Saved

In yesterday’s news about the imminent closure of the Guelph Mercury, the press release from Metroland carefully explained that it will “cease publishing the print edition” this Friday. That makes it sound like the Mercury will continue on as a digital only presence, but Merc staffers past and present have come out and said that this is not the case. More than that though, there’s cause for concern that when the print Mercury ceases to exist on Friday, so will the website. Continue reading “Mercury Website May Not Be Saved”

SHOCKER! The Guelph Mercury Will Cease Print Operations on Friday

It began operation the same year as Canada, but sadly the Guelph Mercury will not be around to see its 150th birthday next year. In shocking, but not unsurprising news especially given the last couple of weeks, the Guelph Mercury will print its final edition this Friday, January 29. Continue reading “SHOCKER! The Guelph Mercury Will Cease Print Operations on Friday”

Film from Budds Fire in 1965 Found and Posted

It was with sadness that Guelphites heard the news earlier this month that Budds would be closing its three locations in Kitchener, Guelph and Simcoe in the new year. On January 10, 1965 though, Budds came close to closing forever in Guelph 50 years in advanced when a fire broke out that Sunday afternoon and completely decimated the store at 111 Wyndham St. N. An 8mm film taken that day was recently donated to my friends at Ed Video, and it was digitzed and posted to YouTube for your historical pleasure. Continue reading “Film from Budds Fire in 1965 Found and Posted”

The Presses Stop at the Guelph Mercury

In a surprise move, the Guelph Mercury has announced that they will be closing their printing presses later this week and moving the printing operations of the nearly 150-year-old paper to Hamilton. The paper itself will stay in production and continue to be published six days a week, but that physical copy will be made in Hamilton, not the Royal City. Continue reading “The Presses Stop at the Guelph Mercury”