RECAP: Police Board Endorses Motion to Promote Bail Reform

This month’s Guelph Police Services Board meeting was brief, but still relatively consequential. The board marked the sad news in policing today coming out of Edmonton, added their voice to the call for bail reform, and appointed a committee to secure a new member of the board. In other news, the board may be going back to in-person meetings after the next meeting in April. Here’s the recap… Continue reading “RECAP: Police Board Endorses Motion to Promote Bail Reform”

MEETING PREVIEW: Guelph Police Services Board for March 16, 2023

This month’s Guelph Police Board meeting will have a lot of information for you, which is something that was promised back in that first meeting of the year, but unless someone on the board wants to discuss things further this may be the only way you learn more about it without actually reading the agenda. For the meeting itself though, we will hear from the Chief as usual and the board will talk about endorsing national bail reform. Continue reading “MEETING PREVIEW: Guelph Police Services Board for March 16, 2023”

City Increase Online Access to Information Services

As we’ve so often heard, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed almost every aspect of our daily lives, and doing business at Guelph City Hall is one of those aspects. Even as we look forward to emerging from the second wave, the City of Guelph is looking to make it easier to access their services online, whether you want public information or whether you want to rent a picnic shelter. Continue reading “City Increase Online Access to Information Services”