What’s the Deal with the Gordon/Gibson Twitter Kerfuffle?

After the previous meeting, a nice quiet productive meeting was on the books as council discussed matters of two planning applications and an endorsement of $5,000 in support for the victims of the wildfire in Fort McMurray and surrounding areas. And then Councillor James Gordon raised a point of order.

Gordon did not like the tone of some tweets that Councillor Dan Gibson said in reply to one posted by Gordon Friday while at the State of the City breakfast at the Delta Hotel and Conference Centre. But what happened in the first place? As the situation escalated quickly, there wasn’t much time to visit the background, but here’s the exchange on Twitter that became the new fiery flashpoint at tonight’s council meeting.

Gibson, in his response to Gordon, focused on the word “vision”, and referred back to a blog post on the Ward 2 blog maintained by James Gordon. The excerpt Gibson read in council:

As we approach the one year anniversary of this term of Council, it’s worth noting the lack of long-term visioning and leadership for our community on economic development.

Yes we’ve seen lots of selfies and talk of austerity; but where’s the vision and the plan? Where will the new jobs come from?

The actual post was not written by Gordon, but by Gordon’s predecessor as Ward 2 city councillor Ian Findlay in the form of an open letter. (In the interest of transparency, I’ll say here that I work part-time at Thomas Video, which is owned by Findlay. He’s my boss. But we have an understanding of a ‘church and state’ relationship between my employment as a clerk at his video store, and my work with Guelph Politico. Still, there it is.)

Gibson apologized in open council, and Gordon accepted, but for those hoping that council might have cleared the air after the rake out two weeks ago, it seems that there’s still a lot of work left to be done.

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