GUELPH POLITICAST #306 – Taking the System Out of Systemic Racism

With all things COVID back on the front burner, it’s easy to temporarily forget everything that happened in the last few years around fighting systemic racism and embracing social justice. The City of Guelph is trying to make progress towards a more equitable and representative system seriously, but let’s ask the person who knows best: Is the City of Guelph making real progress on tackling issues of systemic racism? Continue reading “GUELPH POLITICAST #306 – Taking the System Out of Systemic Racism”

Sayyed Hired to Lead City of Guelph on Anti-Racism Initiatives

For over a year now, the City of Guelph, like a lot of organizations, has been struggling to catch up to demands for social justice and equity. Starting Monday morning, the City started to institutionalize that struggle by putting someone in charge of trying to undo systemic inequalities. For years, Sara Sayyed has been one of the faces of the Guelph Muslim Society, and now she’s the face of equity efforts at City Hall. Continue reading “Sayyed Hired to Lead City of Guelph on Anti-Racism Initiatives”