More Remains Found in Baker Street Lot Archaeological Investigation

Excavation work continues in the old Baker Street parking lot, so naturally, the City of Guelph has announced that they’ve found more remains. It was a little over a week ago that the City first announced that the had found remains, not for the first time, and most definitely not for the last time. Now, we will get updates on the matter every two weeks. Continue reading “More Remains Found in Baker Street Lot Archaeological Investigation”

Bone Fragments Found During Baker Street Excavation

Perhaps predictably, the archaeological consultants working with the City of Guelph crews to excavate the Baker Street Parking lot announced that they exhumed bone fragments from a lost grave. This is not the first time that remains have been found in the Baker Street area over the years, but this time the City is trying to carefully find them all before the redevelopment of the area can begin this coming spring. Continue reading “Bone Fragments Found During Baker Street Excavation”