Meet Your New Ontario Cabinet and Parliamentary Assistants

The new Premier of Ontario was sworn in under the unrelenting summer sun today outside Queen’s Park. We’ve known for weeks that Doug Ford would be the new head of the province, but what abour your favourite ministries: Health! Infrastructure! Attorney General! Education! Well wonder no more! Below is the complete list of cabinet ministers and parliamentary secretaries in alphabetical order. Continue reading “Meet Your New Ontario Cabinet and Parliamentary Assistants”

Ray Ferraro Acclaimed as PC Candidate in Guelph

It what was already a busy political day in Guelph when an announcement from Progressive Conservative headquarters offered one more surprise: Ray Ferraro is one of 11 candidates acclaimed across Ontario today to complete their province-wide slate. Continue reading “Ray Ferraro Acclaimed as PC Candidate in Guelph”

Dorgo Makes a Case for Himself as PC Nominee

Steven Dorgo is at his most animated when talking about the possibilities of Diyode, Guelph’s “do-it-yourself” community workshop. Dorgo says life is about more than you’re job, it’s about unwinding from that work stress, indulging your creative instincts, and using your hands to make stuff. It’s something he thinks that the present provincial government hasn’t taken into account, which is one of the reasons why he wants to run for office… as the PC candidate. Continue reading “Dorgo Makes a Case for Himself as PC Nominee”

Former PC Nominee Mooney Becomes Ontario Alliance Candidate

Famously last summer, Thomas Mooney decided that he couldn’t run for the local candidacy of the Progressive Conservative Party due to the old leadership of Patrick Brown. It turns out, even under new leadership, he doesn’t want to be the face of the PCs in Guelph and has instead found a new party to run for. Quite literally. Continue reading “Former PC Nominee Mooney Becomes Ontario Alliance Candidate”

How Did Guelph PCs Vote for the Leader?

Doug Ford is the leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario. No matter how you feel about that development, it happened, and now the starting line-up for 2018 Provincial Election is set. But before moving on, let’s take another look back. How did Guelph members of the PC Party vote in their highly contentious leadership campaign? Continue reading “How Did Guelph PCs Vote for the Leader?”

PC Nominee Drops Out Over Party Politics

Last month, Green Party Mike Schreiner became the first person to be made a candidate for Guelph’s seat in the 2018 provincial election, but now the local Progressive Conservative party is making news. Not for putting forward a candidate, but for loosing one. Continue reading “PC Nominee Drops Out Over Party Politics”

GUELPH POLITICAST #12 – Anthony MacDonald, Progressive Conservatives

“It’s the economy, stupid.” That was once of the three messages that Democratic strategist James Carville created for Bill Clinton’s 1992 Presidential Campaign, and it worked. “It’s the economy, stupid,” might as well be on Anthony MacDonald’s campaign signs because if there’s a four word message from our interview, I think that is it. According to the Progressive Conservative candidate, and I quote, “there’s nothing more important than the economy.” The question is though, will Guelph think that MacDonald is the right man for the job and send him to Queen’s Park as its Member of Provincial Parliament? Continue reading “GUELPH POLITICAST #12 – Anthony MacDonald, Progressive Conservatives”