Hospital Looking to Hire 100 New People, Not Looking for Food Dontations

Guelph General Hospital is asking for help beyond the general warnings about social distancing, and covering your face when you talk. If you’re interested, and available, to lend your time and your energy to the Hospital under these difficult circumstances, they want you to know that they’re hiring as many as 100 people for a wide variety of positions, day and night, full-time and part-time.

“We owe it to our community to do all we can to care for patients and families, as well as ensure the well-being of our staff,” said Marianne Walker, President and CEO of the Hospital in a media release. “Filling these temporary roles will help and may also provide short-term employment for people who are not presently working.”

Walker added that the Hospital is preparing to deal with high demand in the long-term, which is why they’re taking the step to augment their current staffing needs. “We need people in our community to step up and join our staff in making a difference,” she said.

So what positions is the Hospital looking to fill? Well, there’s the usual like nurses, laboratory technologists and infection control specialists, but they’re also looking for people to fill non-clinical positions like housekeeping, maintenance and food service. Day and night shifts are available, and so are part-time and full-tome positions. Students are also welcome to apply and some positions don’t require you to have previous hospital experience.

Of course, working at the Hospital means putting yourself in the proverbial line of fire. It was just last week that several members of the current staff at Guelph General were diagnosed with COVID-19. “Every possible measure is taken to support the continued well-being of everyone in our Hospital,” said Walker.

Anyone interested in a position at the Hospital is invited to apply on their website here.

If you would rather your assistance to the Hospital be monetary, the Foundation of Guelph General Hospital has a COVID-19 Critical Response Fund. “Your donation today will ensure our Hospital’s teams have the essential lifesaving equipment, technology and supports they need to provide the best possible care and safety for all patients – and themselves,” said the Foundation’s website, where you can also make a financial contribution.

But if there’s one thing that the Hospital is not looking for right now, it’s food donations. Although the staff appreciate and acknowledge the thought, they are asking the people of Guelph to not leave food donations at the Hospital.

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