Hidden Quarry Gets Approval from LPAT After Long Legal Fight

The Local Planning and Appeals Tribunal’s (LPAT) has given the go ahead for James Dick Construction Ltd. (JDCL) to proceed with the the extraction of stone and gravel at a 39-hectare property just south of Rockwood. Eight years after it first came up in the public consciousness, the so-called “Hidden Quarry” has the greenlight to open for business. Continue reading “Hidden Quarry Gets Approval from LPAT After Long Legal Fight”


The Government of Ontario has recessed for the summer, but not before they passed the More Homes, More Choices Act, or Bill 108. You’ve probably heard a lot about Bill 108, or at least enough to know that it’s not as benign as the name of it implies. Yes, there will be some serious consequences from its passage, so let’s take a moment to figure out what they are. Continue reading “GUELPH POLITICAST #174 – Bill 108”