Anti-Mask Event Planned for Downtown Guelph This Sunday

Guelph has done pretty well avoiding the kind of anti-mask, anti-COVID restriction demonstrations that have popped in other places. (A mask burning event last weekend in Idaho comes to mind.) But this weekend, the controversy comes to town, and it seems like have a Who’s Who in anti-masking, anti-vaxxing and conspiracy theories are going to be on hand for the festivities. Continue reading “Anti-Mask Event Planned for Downtown Guelph This Sunday”

A Day in the Park for Some, an Emerging Threat to Others

On Sunday in Riverside Park there were the usual activities of people running, kids playing, families spending time together – there was even a little sword-fighting practice – but one corner of the park played host to a microcosm of one of the essential debates of our time: the effect of disinformation on conspiracy theories on the population. Two small groups stood separate but equal in their passions as internet debates were made manifest by the band shell. Continue reading “A Day in the Park for Some, an Emerging Threat to Others”