Couch Surfing, Tree Climbing and Fires Mark Another U of G Homecoming

The University of Guelph is very disappointed with the party animals who came out to celebrate Homecoming (#HOCO) on Saturday. A large unsanctioned party broke out – as usual – along Chancellors Way, but this was bigger and possibly more dangerous as demonstrated through numerous posts on social media on Saturday. The U of G has said they don’t condone the behaviour, but they might end up paying for it. Continue reading “Couch Surfing, Tree Climbing and Fires Mark Another U of G Homecoming”

Police and U of G Get Ready for Homecoming Weekend

On Saturday, the Guelph Gryphons football team will face-off against the Queen’s Gaels at Alumni Stadium, but the real action might not be on the football field, but out in the city itself. With Homecoming comes parties, and that means there’s a danger of parties getting out of control, which is something neither the Guelph Police Service or the University of Guelph admin want to happen on what’s sure to be a very busy weekend. Continue reading “Police and U of G Get Ready for Homecoming Weekend”

GUELPH POLITICAST #257 – Gone Gryphon

For many thousands of students at the University of Guelph, sport is a big part of their daily routine. Whether they’re a varsity athlete, play on an intramural team, or simply enjoy access to the gym, pool, or rink for personal exercise or enjoyment, athletics is an important part of student life, but what part does athletics play when there’s hardly any student life on campus? Continue reading “GUELPH POLITICAST #257 – Gone Gryphon”

Extra Buses for Homecoming and Other Reminders

It’s good news for everybody this Homecoming weekend, at least if you’re going to take the bus. All-day on Saturday, Guelph Transit will be free for everyone to ride regardless of whether you’re going to the game or not. But if you are going to the game, or hosting a party in your own backyard, take care to be on your best behaviour. Continue reading “Extra Buses for Homecoming and Other Reminders”