POLICE NOTES: Baseball Bat Attack, Distraction Theft, and a Rusty Trailer

There are 145,000 stories in the Royal City, and this is some of them. Looking at a week’s worth of media releases from the Guelph Police Service, there’s a lot going on in our little city crime-wise speaking, so let’s run down some of the charges, issues, and requests for information from the Guelph Police Service over the last seven days.

***Please note that not all offenses and police calls are reported in the daily Guelph Police media release.


A 20-year-old Guelph man was charged with assault with a weapon and assault after a  dispute between a resident and a staff member at a group home Wednesday night. The argument turned physical when the resident threw a pool cue at the worker, striking them in the ribs, and then the employee was repeatedly punched in the head suffering minor injuries.

A 36-year-old Bowmanville man was charged with assault causing bodily harm, and a 39-year-old Guelph man was charged with assault with a weapon and possession of a weapon for a dangerous purpose after a noise dispute last Saturday afternoon. An adult man carried a baseball bat into the hallway and held the bat in a threatening manner while confronting his noisy neighbour. The argument turned physical and resulted in the man with the bat sustaining a broken jaw from a punch.


Someone or someones smashed the passenger side window of a car parked in a residential lot near Woodlawn and Woolwich, but all they got was two pairs of sunglasses. If you have any information call Constable Breanne McDonald at 519-824-1212 ext. 7428, or email her at bmcdonald [at] guelphpolice.ca.

Sometime between 9:30 pm last Friday and 4 pm on Saturday afternoon, someone or someones broke into a backyard shed of a residence near Speedvale and Edinburgh. Entry was gained as the shed’s lock was cut off. There’s no word if anything was taken, but if you have any information about the break-in, call Constable Isaac Cook at 519-824-1212 ext. 7453, or email him at icook [at] guelphpolice.ca.


Nothing to report here.


Two Guelph men, one aged 20 and the other aged 68, each face 13 counts of fraud under $5,000 after staff reported on several occasions where a regular customer would approach the same staff member for assistance when checking out. During these transactions, the employee would drastically reduce the cost of items and wrongly apply coupons to the point that the bill was $0. The total loss to the store was more than $2,000.

If you think you might be a victim of any fraud, call the Guelph Police Non-Emergency line is 519-824-5154, or contact the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre at 1-888-495-8501 or  online at their website.

Impaired Driving

A 50-year-old Innisfil man was charged with operation while impaired, two counts of fail to display device, improper means of attachment, and draw trailer – no plate after a traffic stop at Victoria and Eramosa on Monday afternoon. The trailer on the vehicle didn’t have a licence plate, and when police looked further the trailer was full of rust and in poor mechanical condition. The driver also failed a roadside screening.

A 41-year-old Guelph man was charged with operation while impaired and his driver’s license was suspended for 90 days after a member of the public alerted police to a possible impaired driver in the downtown core around 4 am last Saturday morning.


Someone or someones broke into two cars near Woodlawn and Victoria between 5 and 5:30 am on Wednesday morning and stole bank cards, money and identification documents. The cards were used at two different stores, one at Speedvale and Stevenson at 5:38 am, and the other at Speedvale and Victoria at 6:47 am. If you have any information, contact Constable Taylor Vajushi-Cooper at 519-824-1212 ext. 7320, or email him at tvajushi-cooper [at] guelphpolice.ca.

Police are looking for two black males, aged 16 to 21 and both approximately 5’9” with thin builds after they stole two MacBooks from a Stone Road Mall store on Wednesday at 6:45 pm. One was wearing a black hoodie, blue pants and black shoes, and the second was wearing a red hoodie, black shorts and white running shoes. Both were also wearing surgical-type masks. If you have any information, call Constable Steve Gawlik at 519-824-1212, ext. 7509, or email him at sgawlik [at] guelphpolice.ca.

Police found a black 2012 BMW X3 on Tuesday morning at a parking lot near Waterloo and Edinburgh after the car had been reported stolen on Monday. The vehicle was found to have extensive damage to both sides with denting and scratches, a ripped off rear-view mirror, and cracks to the windshield. Police are still investigating, so if you have any information call Constable Cecilia Hudecki at 519-824-1212 ext. 7215, or email her at chudecki [at] guelphpolice.ca.

A elderly woman was the victim of a distraction theft on Monday afternoon in the area of Imperial and Wellington. A black SUV driven by a man in his 50s, with a female with shoulder length grey hair in the front passenger seat, pulled over to ask for directions to a pharmacy. The man then offered the victim a necklace and he put it around her neck, but when the man drove away she realized that he had taken her real gold necklace and left her with a fake. If you have any information about this case, call Constable James McMichan at 519-824-1212 ext. 7427, or email him at jmcmichan [at] guelphpolice.ca.

A 2016 Freightliner tractor was taken from a commercial parking lot located near Laird and Clair. If you have any information, call Special Constable Thomas Randell at 519-824-1212 ext. 7194, or email him at trandell [at] guelphpolice.ca.

Two 2021 Lexus RX45 vehicles stolen from two different places around Guelph were both found in a commercial parking lot at Imperial and Woodlawn early on Tuesday. The investigation is still ongoing, so if you have any information call Constable Briar Smith at 519-824-1212 ext. 7349, or email her at bsmith [at] guelphpolice.ca.

At around 5:53 am on Monday, a gold 2004 Honda Accord was taken from a parking lot near Silvercreek and Speedvale after the driver went into a store leaving the vehicle unlocked and running outside. If you have any information, call Special Constable Thomas Randell at 519-824-1212 ext. 7194, or email him at trandell [at] guelphpolice.ca

A 34-year-old Crediton man has been charged this week with theft over $5,000 and three counts of breach of probation for the theft of a boat from a parking lot at Speedvale and Edinburgh last June.

A 77-year-old Guelph man was charged with making a document without authority, utter forged document, and fraud under $5,000 after breaking into a parked car downtown and taking a blank cheque last September and then depositing it into his account for an undisclosed sum earlier this year.


Police are looking for a black Ford 500 car driving near the intersection of Silvercreek and Woodlawn at 3:15 am on Wednesday morning that was driving with licence plates not registered to that vehicle. When police tried to conduct a traffic stop, the car took off at a high rate of speed. If you have any information, call Constable Briar Smith at 519-824-1212 ext. 7349, or email her at bsmith [at] guelphpolice.ca.

Other Notes

A 45-year-old Guelph man was charged with utter threats to damage property, two counts of theft under $5,000, two counts of mischief under $5,000, fail to re-attend court, and four counts of fail to comply with undertaking after he didn’t show up to a March court date, and then didn’t show up at police headquarters for fingerprinting.

Police Board Meeting this Week

The monthly Guelph Police Services Board is this Thursday, May 18, at 2:30 pm. You can see the agenda here, and then tune in to the meeting on the Guelph Police YouTube page.

Total calls for service last week: 1,991

If you have any information about the crimes or incidents mentioned above, you can also call Guelph Wellington Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477 (TIPS) or post online at csgw.tips.


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