CITY PAGES: Winter Stuff, Cycling Needs and Shop Local

The City of Guelph, and it’s various partners and agencies, put out a lot of information on a weekly basis, and while it all ends up on the City’s website somewhere, wouldn’t it be easier to just scroll through it all on one easy-to-read article on Guelph Politico here…?

Reminder: Winter Parking Restrictions Now in Effect

Just a friendly reminder that as of this past Wednesday, the winter rules for overnight on-street parking are now in effect. Until April 1, there is no overnight parking allowed on City streets, including downtown, between 2–6 am unless otherwise signed. Tickets for parking overnight on-street are $35 and vehicles can be towed at the owner’s expense. You are allowed up to 12 parking exemptions per season, and each exemption is good for up to two vehicles for a maximum of two nights. To seek an exemption, click here.

More Discoveries From Baker Street Excavation

In their by-weekly update from the archeological excavation happening in the Baker Street parking lot, the City of Guelph reported that they’ve now found 84 grave shafts and 33 distinct discoveries of human remains (bone fragments) have been made. In addition to those discoveries, the crew also uncovered a single brick crypt, which was been fully documented.

County Library Going Fine-Free in 2022

It may be a source of controversy here in Guelph, but the Wellington County Library will no longer be charging late fees for overdue material starting on January 1, 2022. The new direction has been more or less in place since the start of the pandemic, the Wellington County Library stopped collecting late fines since the first lockdown began, but the Chief Librarian notes that this is knocking down another barrier to access. “Removal of this financial barrier will encourage more people in our communities to use the library and access all the resources we have to offer” said Rebecca Hine.

This Year’s Cold Weather Response Plan

The Guelph and Wellington Task Force for Poverty Elimination has shared this year’s community cold weather response plan for individuals experiencing homelessness.

Busuttil the New Chair of the Upper Grand District School Board

Wards 2, 3 and 4 Trustee Linda Busuttil has been named the new chair of the Upper Grand District School Board, and Barbara Lustgarten-Evoy from Centre Wellington will be vice-chair. The two were elected at the November meeting of the Board of Trustees. “This is an exciting time for the development of new and responsive systems in education. We need to encourage and support innovation and stretch our creativity, in our staff, and in ourselves,” said Busuttil in a statement.

City Looking for Feedback on Cycling Network

As part of the protected cycling network that’s currently under development, the City of Guelph is looking for feedback about the conceptual designs for 13 kilometres of “AAA” cycling facilities, meaning “All Ages and Abilities”.  The three corridors in question are Eramosa from Woolwich to Victoria, Gordon from Waterloo to Kortright, and College Avenue from the Hanlon to the University of Guelph campus. To see the documents from the network study, and to Have Your Say about the plans, visit the City of Guelph website here. The deadline for feedback is December 17.

Metrolinx Track Work Affects Wilson Street Access

Starting on Monday December 6, the east sidewalk along Wilson Street will be closed between City Hall and the Farmers’ Market building so that Metrolinx can replace, repair and upgrade the tracks along the Kitchener line. At the same time, work will be done on the retaining wall between Wyndham and Dublin Streets. The work is expected to take six months to complete, and the mural under the tracks will be carefully removed and restored once the work is done.

Humane Society Suggest You Adopt a Kennel

You may not be able to adopt a pet, but you can at least adopt a kennel. As part of their  holiday fundraising efforts, the Guelph Humane Society is giving individuals and businesses the chance to put their name on one of the kennels at the Humane Society’s new home in the Hanlon Creek Business Park. “It’s another unique way for people to commit to helping animals in our community,” said Manager of Donor Relations Jen Fraser in a statement. “When you adopt a kennel or cage, you get to customize a plaque that will go on the space you adopt. Not only can you visit to see the plaque – but the public will be able to see it as well.”

University of Guelph Installing Bird Safe Glass

A dedicated team of volunteers is trying to make glass windows at the University of Guelph less hazardous to birds. Bird Safe Guelph has been working on campus by placing symmetrically spaced white dots on bus shelter windows, which are designed to interfere with the reflections that can make windows look invisible to birds or reflect the nearby landscapes like mirrors. Good thing because according to a U of G biology student, the campus’ location attracts a lot of birds.

“Guelph is actually on a main migration flyway, which means there are many birds flying through in the spring and fall,” said Hayley Wilson, a PhD student who studies songbird physiology and fitness. “We had been hearing reports of birds colliding with the glass of the bus shelters, so we contacted the U of G sustainability office, who helped connect us with the physical resources department. They agreed to help us launch a pilot project to place window films on the shelters.”

Similar steps were recently taken by Bird Safe Guelph to make windows at City Hall more bird-friendly.

Laughlin Will Now Oversee Downtown Revitalization

Stacey Laughlin is leaving her current position with the City of Guelph as the senior policy planner in Planning and Building Services to take up the role of downtown revitalization advisor. According to a City media release, Laughlin will advise on strategies and municipal service delivery in downtown Guelph, work closely with the Baker District redevelopment project team, and serve as the main contact between the City and stakeholders for downtown infrastructure projects.

“We’re excited to have Stacey step into this new role and apply her extensive municipal planning experience to fostering relationships with our downtown stakeholders,” said CAO Scott Stewart in a statement. the City’s chief administrative officer. “Guided by the City’s Strategic Plan: Guelph. Future Ready, she will play an integral part in helping us achieve our vision for an inclusive, connected and prosperous Guelph.”

City and Chamber Team Up to Promote Local This Christmas

With the Christmas season approaching, the City of Guelph and the Guelph Chamber of Commerce are once again trying to develop support for local shops, and to encourage Guelphites to spend their money at businesses in the Royal City. How? An “enhanced marketing and awareness campaign” including the Guelph Shops Holiday Wish Book, which includes hyper-local gift tags, children’s colouring sheets, along with social media toolkits for businesses – all promoting the shop local message will be created through Guelph Shops.

“Although many businesses have re-opened, they still need our support” said Chamber of Commerce President & CEO Shakiba Shayani in a statement. “We want to ensure businesses can thrive in their recovery. When we invest in local businesses, it supports our economy, creates more jobs, and allows charities, sports, and community organizations to succeed.”

Learn more about the #GuelphShops campaign by clicking here.

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