City Council Preview – What’s on the Agenda for the October 12 Meeting?

The October planning meeting will feature an autumn chill. There’s not a lot of action, perhaps appropriate given the post-holiday timing of this month’s meeting, but there are a couple of interesting items on the consent agenda, and there will also be an awards show. (Sort of.)

NOTE #1: Delegates will be able to appear at this meeting via telephone or video, but you do have to register with the clerks office before 10 am on October 8. You can also submit written delegations and correspondences for agenda items.

NOTE #2: The meeting will be closed to the public, though it will be live-streamed on the City of Guelph’s website here.

NOTE #3: This is a Tuesday night meeting because Monday is the Thanksgiving holiday.

PRESENTATION: It’s award night at council as Deputy Chief Administrative Officer of Infrastructure Development Enterprise Jayne Holmes and Senior Urban Designer David DeGroot present the Urban Design Awards.

Request for an Extension to Draft Plan of Subdivision Approval Hanlon Creek Business Park Subdivision File: 23T-03501 Ward 6 – The planning consultant and the land owner are asking to extend the time horizon for the approved plan for another five years because it’s set to expire on November 8. Blame is going to the COVID-19 pandemic, which has slowed down potential sales of the current undeveloped portions of the Hanlon Creek Business Park property, not to mention the increase in demand and cost of construction and construction supplies. If approved, the new expiration date for the plan is November 8, 2026.

239 Elizabeth Street: Proposed Demolition of a Detached Dwelling – Why does council need to approve the demolition of a single detached dwelling when someone just wants to build another new detached dwelling? This spot near the corner of Elizabeth and Stevenson is not listed on the Municipal Register of Cultural Heritage Properties, nor is it designated, but its considered as a “built heritage resource” identified in the Couling Architectural Inventory plan, meaning that the area this property is a part of could be part of a future heritage district. Heritage Guelph reviewed the file, but staff has determined that 239 Elizabeth alone “does not merit individual designation under the Ontario Heritage Act.” So it can be demolished after all with council’s approval.

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