Guelph Museums Wants Your COVID-19 Remembrances and Stuff

There’s been a lot of discussion about the historic moment we’re living in, but is anyone keeping track of that history and preserving it? As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, Guelph Museums is asking residents for any artifacts people might have that captures the experience. Whether it’s something digital like a photograph, or something physical like a homemade mask, the Museum might be interested in collecting it from you.

“As a community museum, we have a responsibility to collect and preserve evidence of significant events in Guelph,” said manager of Guelph Museums Tammy Adkin in a media release. “We typically receive objects decades after an event has passed. Now we have an opportunity, in real time, to capture the truths and experiences about how Guelphites are living.”

So what’s the Museum looking for? On the digital side, they’re collecting photos, screenshots of messages and threads for social media, memes and other internet ephemera capturing thoughts and feelings about the pandemic, and perspectives of frontline workers shared on the internet. In terms of physical stuff, the Museum suggests journals, 3-D printed personal protective equipment (PPE), locally sewn masks, and hand painted rocks.

For a complete list of the items that the Museum is looking for, click here.

Now it should be noted that the Museum isn’t looking for just any old stuff, they have a process. First, you have to fill out a form online to present them information about the item you want to donate. Then, the Acquisition Committee will review the submission for the suitability, practicality and value to telling the COVID-19 story. After that, the Museum will be in touch to arrange for the safe acquisition of the item, and it will be taken to the Civic Museum where it will be catalogued, digitized and stored for future research and exhibitions.

If you don’t have anything you want to donate, but you still want to share what might be your historical significant experiences on social media, do it with the #WriteYourGuelphHistory hashtag.

One thought on “Guelph Museums Wants Your COVID-19 Remembrances and Stuff

  1. It would be cool for the museum to collect the signs that line downtown stores of their closure due to COVID-19. Might make for an interesting snap shot in time collage for the future generations.


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