City Council Preview – What’s on the Agenda for the December 10 Meeting?

It’s our first planning meeting in a while on Monday as we catch up on several rezoning applications, review the third-quarter budget variance, and hear a special request from the Guelph Community Health Centre.

IDE-2018-131 Decision Report 278 College Avenue West Zoning By-law Amendment File: ZC1801 Ward 5 – Back in April, council heard the public meeting for a proposed development that would see six four-storey townhouse units constructed on this property. After a shadow study, and some concerns from the development’s potential neighbours, the application has since been changed to a plan to build six three-storey townhouses. City of Guelph staff have endorsed the altered plan.

CS-2018-27 2018 Third Quarter Operating Variance Report – It looks like Christmas came early for the City of Guelph as a net favourable variance of $1.43 million is projected for the fiscal year. That’s for the tax-supported budget, but the good news doesn’t stop there. Another $2.93 million in a net favourable variance is found in the non-tax supported budget. Looking at the numbers more closely, the City is particularly pleased with a favourable variance of $800,000 for Environmental Services, which they credit to changes coming out of the Service Review. On the negative variance side, Culture, Tourism & Community Investment took a $350,000 hit because of lower grant and sponsorship revenue, while Guelph Transit has a $278,000 negative variance due to lower ticket and pass sales, along with increased overtime costs.

IDE-2018-138 Statutory Public Meeting Report 361 Whitelaw Road Proposed Official Plan and Zoning By-law Amendments Ward 4 – This one might be controversial. What’s presently a greenfield at the corner of Paisley and Whitelaw Road could be a high density development with five apartment buildings at eight-to-ten storeys each, a series of four-storey multi-residential buildings, and a 1.2 hectare park. The apartment buildings will have a total of 620 units, with another 164 units being offered with a mix of townhouses, stacked townhouses and low-rise apartments. Armel, who owns the land, is asking for the land to be rezoned from the “Urban Reserve” (UR) and “Agricultural” (A) Zone to a “Specialized High Density Residential Apartment” (R.4B-?) and “Neighbourhood Park” (P.2) Zone.

IDE-2018-139 Statutory Public Meeting Report 1657 and 1665 Gordon Street Proposed Zoning By-law Amendment File: OZS18-003 Ward 6 – Looks like more density is coming to Gordon Street south of Clairfields Drive. The land owner is looking to develop 78, three-storey stacked townhouse units on two pieces of land that run between Gordon and Gosling Gardens. The land itself is zoned as a “Residential Single Detached” (R.1B) Zone, but in order to build townhouses, it must be re-zoned as a “Specialized Residential Cluster Townhouse” (R.3A-?) Zone. The development will also have a private road, 100 parking spaces including 16 visitor spaces, and a common area.

IDE-2018-141 Statutory Public Meeting Report 50-52 Dean Avenue Proposed Zoning By-law Amendment File: OZS18-002 Ward 5 – This one is simple since the work is already done. The property owner is looking for a zoning change on a semi-detached dwelling from the “Residential Single Detached” (R.1B) Zone to a “Specialized Residential Semi-Detached/Duplex” (R.2-?) Zone to recognize an existing accessory department that’s already been built.

IDE-2018-142 Statutory Public Meeting Report 127 Cityview Drive North Proposed Zoning By-law Amendment File: OZS18-006 Ward 1 – The landowner is looking to replace the one detached residential dwelling and a shed on the site, with two new single detached dwellings. The land is officially zoned as “Urban Reserve” (UR), but this designation is not meant for residential uses. The Official Plan though does list this property as “Low Density Greenfield Residential”, which, as the title implies, allows for residential use. So the question is, do the people living near this one house want to now live next to two houses?

PS-2018-36 Guelph Community Health Centre Request Regarding Consumption and Treatment Services – As you may know, the Community Health Centre has been operating a temporary Overdose Prevention Site at their offices at 176 Wyndham Street North. The CHC intends to apply to the Province to extend the life of the OPS in a more ongoing way, but in order to pursue that they must first get a resolution from city council. If council, so chooses they can pass a resolution that says something to the effect of: “That Council
endorse the application by the Guelph Community Health Centre to the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care regarding their Consumption and Treatment Services.” They must do this quickly though, the application is due back to the ministry by mid-December.

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