City Council Preview – What’s on the Agenda for the April 8 Meeting?

This month’s planning meeting of City Council will have a new development, an old development, and a plan to manage heritage. So something for everyone!

IDE-2019-36 Decision Report 127 Cityview Drive North Zoning By-Law Amendment File: 0ZS18-006 Ward 1 – Back in December, the owners of this property proposed to replace the one single-detached residential dwelling plus a shed on the site, with two new single-detached dwellings. Although area residents came to the December meeting with concerns, the proposal has been given the official go-ahead by staff seemingly unchanged.

IDE-2019-38 Statutory Public Meeting Report 205-213 Speedvale Avenue East Proposed Zoning By-Law Amendment File: 0ZS18-011 Ward 2 – This proposal could see three single-detached dwellings become a new three-storey apartment complex with 21-units, plus a fourth single-detached dwelling will be converted into three-units. The zoning proposal will change the site from a “Residential Single Detached” (R.1B) Zone, as it’s presently surrounded by other single-detached homes, to a “Specialized Infill Apartment” (R.4D-?) Zone. The site will have 25 parking spaces, which will meet the minimum requirement for a development like this. This is the statutory public meeting for this development, meaning that no final decisions will be made. Council will only vote to accept the report as received.

IDE-2019-41 Draft Cultural Heritage Action Plan for Council Input – The draft of the CHAP is coming to council for commentary for the first time, so this is not the last time that you’ll be hearing about it. The point of the CHAP is to identify cultural heritage landscapes (CHLs), prioritize actions, and recommend incentives to assist in the conservation of cultural heritage resources. The work so far has included a review of the background docs and action plans, the creation of an inventory of CHLs, and the prioritization of conservation actions and incentives. So what are some examples of CHLs? The old Guelph Correction Centre is one, as is Exhibition Park, the western part of the Ward, and the old core of Downtown. If you’re interested in offering your own input to the plan, there will be a community consultation event happening on April 24.

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