City Council Preview – What’s on the Agenda for the March 18 Meeting?

Delayed a week because of March Break, this month’s planning meeting will feature a decision, a big new proposal, and changes to waste management.

IDE-2019-36 Decision Report 50-52 Dean Avenue Zoning By-law Amendment File: 0ZS18-002 Ward 5 – Revisiting a development from December 10, this was a case of the property owner looking for a zoning change on a semi-detached dwelling from the “Residential Single Detached” (R.1B) Zone to a “Specialized Residential Semi-Detached/Duplex” (R.2-?) Zone to recognize an existing accessory apartment that’s already been built. Get news, staff is recommending that the zoning change be approved.

IDE-2019-30 Public Meeting Report 816 Woolwich Street Proposed Zoning By-Law Amendment File: 0ZS19-002 (previous file No. ZC1402) Ward 3 – Back in 2014, an application came to the City to build 31 three-storey townhouses in three separate blocks along with four commercial buildings on the site of the Guelph Curling Club, which will be preserved as part of the new development. Fast-forward five years, and the new plan is to develop 195 stacked townhouse units, a mixed-use building, and an office building, in addition to maintaining the existing Curling Club. Also, while this is not a Statutory Public Meeting for the development, the only decision made will be for receipt of this report.

IDE-2019-37 Approval of Waste Management By-law Update – Multi-residential waste collection is coming in the second quarter of this year, so what a good time to update the Waste Management By-law, especially since the last time it was updated was 10 years ago.

The two big changes involve biomedical waster and grass clippings. Only about 30 facilities in Guelph have the City pick-up for biomedical waste, which typically comes out of health care facilities, medical clinics, dental offices, veterinarians, tattoo parlours and other establishments where hypodermic needles might be used. Most of these establishments already employ private collection for biomedical waste. As to those grass clippings, you won’t be able to put them in with the rest of your yard waste for much longer. Council had previously endorsed the change with the 2014 Solid Waste Management Master Plan recommendations that grass clippings should be best left to decompose, but that will now be formalized with a one-year grace period to allow for staff to create a promotion and education campaign.

Other significant changes the bylaw will make include formalizing levels of service, such as the number and size of carts available to users and the frequency of collection; exemptions and provisions to charge for services requested that are above the standard service levels under the User Fees By-law where appropriate; details concerning procedures, practices and policies at the Waste Resource Innovation Centre (WRIC); and, explicit authorization and empowerment to administer the bylaw, including to revise the administrative practices, procedures and forms attached as schedules to the bylaw.

Smaller updates include references to the old bagged waste collection system; new schedules that clarify waste collection guidelines, waste management plans and collection agreements which provide existing operating and procedural detail in support of the program and bylaw; and, enhancing the connection between other City bylaws like zoning and user fees.

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