City Council Preview – What’s on the Agenda for the December 9 Planning Meeting?

The final planning meeting of the year will again put the spotlight on Gordon Street with one approved plan, and another proposed one. Council will also hear the final version of the new standards for commercial and mixed-use properties.

Note: If you want to register as a delegate for any of these items on the Committee agenda, then you have to get in touch with the City Clerk’s office by 10 am on Friday December 6.

IDE-2019-123 Decision Report 1657 and 1665 Gordon Street Proposed Zoning By-law Amendment File: OZS18-003 Ward 6 – It was this time last year that council heard this application, a proposal for up to 84, three-storey stacked townhouse units on two pieces of land that run between Gordon and Gosling Gardens. Staff is giving the greenlight for the developer to build all 84 townhouses on the property, and to acquire the requisite parcel of land from the City of Guelph needed to begin construction.

IDE-2019-125 Statutory Public Meeting Report 1871-1879 Gordon Street Proposed Zoning By-law Amendment File: OZS19-011 Ward 6 – Guelph continues to spread southward. This property just south of Poppy Drive on the west side of the Gordon Street is presently home to two single detached buildings. If this rezoning is approved, those buildings will be torn down and replaced with a six-storey apartment building with 43 units. The unique thing about this project is that the apartments are going to be in the centre four stories of the building; the bottom floor is technically underground parking, at least partially, and the top floor will be a common amenity area. Council will only receive this report for information, no final decision will be made on this development at this meeting.

IDE-2019-122 Commercial Built Form Standards – The City of Guelph has done much consultation to introduce a new series of guidelines, objectives, and expectations for commercial and mixed-use developments in Guelph. The plan identifies standards for the various types of commercial developments like main street buildings, neighbourhood scale commercial buildings, and large commercial sites, and then looks at specific design standards for parking, landscaping, signage, lighting and access. The study does not include Downtown Guelph since the core has it’s own separate set of standards. Although, the standards aren’t necessarily a checklist, the City can use standards when considering the viability of an application. City Council will vote to approve the standards at this meeting.

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