Bowman Not Running For Trustee Though Technically Still on Ballot

If you live in Ward 6 or Puslinch, and you’re trying to figure out who to vote for as your Trustee for the Upper Grand District School Board, Kevin Bowman hopes you don’t vote for him.

Like all candidates running for trustee in both English school boards, Bowman was asked to answer the Guelph Politico Candidate Questionnaire. “I no longer intend to run but I missed the deadline to withdraw my name from the ballot,” Bowman said by email.

This leaves seven people running for the one Trustee seat for Ward 6 and Puslinch for the UGDSB: Jolly Bedi, Raquel Beitz, Aisha Jahangir, James Kerr, Bernie Kehler, Seleena Reid, and the incumbent Marty Fairbairn.

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