LIVE BLOG: Committee of the Whole for January 16, 2017

It’s back to business as unusual at City Hall today with the first Committee-of-the-Whole meeting of 2017. You can click here for the amended agenda from City Hall, and you can click here to read Politico’s preview of today’s meeting. For the complete blow-by-blow of today’s committee meeting, you can follow me on Twitter, or follow along below via Storify.

Committee-of-the-Whole Meeting – January 16, 2017

Live blog from the meeting starting at 2 pm

  1. Waiting for the start of committee-of-the-whole…
  2. FYI @PhilAlltWard3 is regrets for this meeting. Still recuperating. He was, however, well enough to do this week’s Politicast… Stay tuned.
  3. First up: Presentation of the Canadian Brownfield Network Awards
  4. Grant Walsom, Partner at XCG Consultants Limited and VP of Canada Brownfield Network presenting the, no kidding, Brownie Awards.
  5. Next up: Infrastructure, Development and Enterprise Annual Report Presentation
  6. Scott Stewart says this is more of a “status report” then an annual report.
  7. “We do not operate in sylos” says Stewart. They’ve been “slaying that dragon called ‘the Guelph Factor,'” he says.
  8. Todd Salter, General Manager, Planning, Urban Design and Building Services, continuing presentation with “Stewarding Growth”
  9. Guelph recognized as a liveable city and one of Canada’s smartest. Not an accident, he says.
  10. Peter Bussato, General Manager, Environmental Services will now highlight the city’s work with natural resources.
  11. Bussato points out that #Guelph is the biggest community in Canada to depend on ground water. We also don’t have a local landfill.
  12. Keally Dedman, General Manager, Engineering Services, continues with “Building for the Future”
  13. Highlights from last year: Train station renos, Recent purchase of King Edward hotel proof how infrastructure investment pays
  14. The old King Edward Hotel is at the corner of Wyndham and Macdonell.

    The old King Edward Hotel is at the corner of Wyndham and Macdonell.
  15. “City building like this takes consistent effort and message building,” says Dedman.
  16. Stewart now offering closing statements. “I hope you’ve been impressed,” he says.
  17. No Qs, but comment from Gibson on IDE presentation.
  18. Gibson highlights water resources record, rejuvenation of downtown. Prosperity 2020 is the benchmark that got him into politics.
  19. Gibson also points out that #Guelph is 2nd only to Regina for full-time jobs.
  20. “Well there goes my speech…” jokes Guthrie.
  21. Guthrie says he hears about the good work of IDE in the community.
  22. Guthrie also sees it “organically” on social media, a lot of good things said about staff.
  23. Sign Bylaw Variances for Stone Rd and Willow Rd. the only consent items to be consented. Everything else pulled.
  24. DCAO Clack says going thru staff attaches all major parties including naming. Salisbury satisfied. Passes 8-0.
  25. Cllr Downer on 300 Water demolition. Neighbours sensitive to issues b/c of hydro corridor.
  26. By removing 300 Water from register does this immediate give permission to remove trees? asks Downer.
  27. Property is still subject to city’s tree protection bylaw. Also are currently zoned urban reserve, says staff.
  28. Downer says she’s concerned how trees are sometimes removed “mistakenly” between processes.
  29. Salisbury wonders if there’s a need for an extra layer of protection. City already has tree bylaw, right?
  30. Gibson says main motion on the floor (passes 8-0)
  31. Downer will now table her own motion that property owner be notified not to remove trees until proper paperwork is filed.
  32. Cllr Gordon says he’s always concerned about things falling thru the cracks in development, hence 2nding the Downer motion.
  33. Staff says its reasonable to do this to allay community concerns in response to Gibson Q about precedent.
  34. Downer not pre-assuming owner will do anything, but he is out of province, makes sense to be vigilant.
  35. Cllr Billings on Cart Capital Funding. What are the sources for the new growth?
  36. Current capital will be the funding source, says staff.
  37. Billings asks if in the future if this could be included development charges. Staff says recent changes to act could allow.
  38. Sign Bylaw variance for 33 Cork St. Guthrie pulled this himself.
  39. Guthrie asks if LED sign will impede on any residential dwelling. Can LED be turned off, and not be left on all night?
  40. Staff: no negative impact to residential, but time limit can be added as part of variance.
  41. Guthrie: Can council get feedback before Jan 30 meeting?
    Staff: Yes.
  42. Separate motion on sign: LED only be on during business hours.
  43. Gibson asks if a move like this has been made before.
    Staff: Yes, limited to operating business hours.
  44. Last item: District energy update. Salisbury had Q though presentation was moved.
  45. Salisbury double checks on $60M figure: was that 3rd party investment, P3 or city funding?
  46. Staff: That was to be determined. Not part of capital forecast.
  47. Gordon says it feels new to receive a report with a presentation attached, and no presentation. Is it common to refer?
  48. Clerk: Staff had a presentation, but it was held up, still submitted report tho.
  49. Billings asks if presentation is coming at the end of the month?
  50. Stewart: Presentation was just going to go over highlights in the report. Council’s “got the meat” here.
  51. Billings asks if this is coming at the end of the month, or if its just receipt?
    Gibson: Receipt only.
  52. Guthrie says the process Q is still valid, but it’s a contractual matter between 2 parties, which the City keeps confidential.
  53. If Q is related to exemptions under the act, then that’s a matter for in camera says Clerk.
  54. Looks like this will come back for comment at the end of the month to get an answer to Billings question(s).
  55. Clerk: There will be some kind of dialogue in the interim about what can be answered in open meeting.
  56. Item is referred back to the council meet at the end of the month.

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