CITY PAGES: Chanukah, Holiday Stuff, and Construction

The City of Guelph, and it’s various partners and agencies, put out a lot of information on a weekly basis, and while it all ends up on the City’s website somewhere, wouldn’t it be easier to just scroll through it all on one easy-to-read article on Guelph Politico here…? Continue reading “CITY PAGES: Chanukah, Holiday Stuff, and Construction”

Feds and Province Make Money Available For Community Centre Renos

It was April Fool’s Day, but the announcement was no joke. The Federal and Provincial governments teamed up on Thursday to make $6 million in funding available for three local community centres in Guelph and Wellington County. To reduce the impacts of COVID, create job growth and invest in the future, HOPE House, YMCA of Three Rivers in Guelph, and the Elora Community Centre are getting some help with renovations. Continue reading “Feds and Province Make Money Available For Community Centre Renos”