Burlington Transit Director Spicer New Guelph Transit Manager

Despite the fact that the firing of Guelph Transit General Manager Phil Meagher has yet to be explained, the City of Guelph is proceeding into the future with the announcement today that they’ve hired a bran new general manager. Mike Spicer, fresh from being the Director of Burlington Transit, has come aboard Transit Services in the Royal City to lead our system through difficult times. Continue reading “Burlington Transit Director Spicer New Guelph Transit Manager”

Is this Why Phil Meagher Was Fired?

It was about a week ago that the City of Guelph quietly fired Transit General Manager Phil Meagher. No reason was given to the public about why such a key person in senior staff was removed, especially before the annual budget process was about to begin, but does the agenda for the upcoming Committee-of-the-Whole meeting offer an insight into why? Continue reading “Is this Why Phil Meagher Was Fired?”

City Quietly Cuts Transit Manager Loose

The post on the City website is brief, and to the point: “The City of Guelph has parted ways with Phil Meagher, general manager of Guelph Transit. We thank Phil for his contributions and wish him well in his future endeavours.” Somehow, the way this was buried on the City’s website, it’s doubtful that the City wishes Meagher well in the future. Continue reading “City Quietly Cuts Transit Manager Loose”

It Was the City’s Choice to Cancel Free Ride “Perk” for Storm Fans, Says Clack

Since Guelph Politico first published an article on the sudden cancellation of the Free Ride Friday program there’s been a lot of confusion about who’s responsible and why. So as Storm fans are left by the side of the road without their usual ride downtown, the Deputy Chief Administrative Officer for Public Services at the City of Guelph admits that it was the City’s decision. Continue reading “It Was the City’s Choice to Cancel Free Ride “Perk” for Storm Fans, Says Clack”

Loss of Ridership, Revenue During Summer Means No Free Rides for Storm Fans

he Guelph Storm celebrated their home opener this past Friday, and fans are hoping for a better season of hockey than they got last year. Some fans were also probably hoping to take advantage of Free Ride Fridays, a promotion by Guelph Transit to give free rides on game nights to ticket holders, but those fans likely got a rude surprise because Transit is no longer taking hockey tickets as currency when the Storm are in town. Continue reading “Loss of Ridership, Revenue During Summer Means No Free Rides for Storm Fans”

Confusion Continues as Council Covers Misstep With Transit

The good news for transit users is that some relief will come next week with extra buses being added to routes that are routinely behind schedule. The bad news is consideration of the following question: Just what the heck has the City been doing so far as Transit’s management, and why did it end up taking two whole months to fix the problem created when council voted to cut peak service for the summer last December? Continue reading “Confusion Continues as Council Covers Misstep With Transit”

Transit Manager Says the Problems Without Peak Service Were Predictable

Almost two weeks into a peak-less summer, people are still frustrated by the reduction of service hours to Guelph Transit, and Transit’s General Manager Phil Meagher wants you to know that he feels your pain. Continue reading “Transit Manager Says the Problems Without Peak Service Were Predictable”

PRESS RELEASE – City Wants Feedback About Rapid Transit and Other Issues

Guelph Transit is working very hard to get its act together. It’s put together a pretty comprehensive remodel of the transit system and schedule that should go into effect later this year, but Transit wants more. Continue reading “PRESS RELEASE – City Wants Feedback About Rapid Transit and Other Issues”

PRESS RELEASE – Guelph Transit Gets Their Concessions

This story broke just before Christmas, an inordinately busy time under the best of circumstances, but it’s an important story just the same given the events of 2014. Following up to the agreement reached last summer between the City of Guelph and the Amalgamated Transit Union Local 1189, Guelph Transit workers now have their lunchroom at Guelph Central Station, and continuous access to washrooms at the University Centre (even when it’s closed). Not for nothing, but was that so hard, City of Guelph? Continue reading “PRESS RELEASE – Guelph Transit Gets Their Concessions”

PRESS RELEASE – Transit Moved More People on New Year’s Eve

Some good news from Guelph Transit for a change! It looks like 33 per cent more people took advantage of free, late night rides on Royal City’s buses this New Year’s over last, according to numbers released by the City of Guelph and the Downtown Guelph Business Association. With nearly 4,300 free rides given, more than 1,200 over the 2013/14 New Year’s celebrations, this program seems an assured success and one likely to continue to run. Continue reading “PRESS RELEASE – Transit Moved More People on New Year’s Eve”