Transit’s Long Stop. Why Does This Keep Happening?

For four times in four weeks, I’ve been on the #10 Imperial bus going downtown only to have the bus idle at the West End Rec Centre for apparently no reason. The most recent time happened Monday evening, where despite being two minutes late, the bus stood at the Rec Centre for three minutes, and not even in the place where the bus is supposed to stop. Why is this happening? Is it a silent protest? An admission of defeat? Why are the dedicated people that use Guelph Transit, and stand by it through all the short-sighted cuts and fare increases, have to constantly wonder if they’ll make it to their destinations on time? Continue reading “Transit’s Long Stop. Why Does This Keep Happening?”

Transit Manager Says the Problems Without Peak Service Were Predictable

Almost two weeks into a peak-less summer, people are still frustrated by the reduction of service hours to Guelph Transit, and Transit’s General Manager Phil Meagher wants you to know that he feels your pain. Continue reading “Transit Manager Says the Problems Without Peak Service Were Predictable”

Transit Users Not Pleased – Okay Pissed – This First Week Without Peak Service

If users rated your service a 1.8 out of 5 on your own Facebook business page, would you try to make your service better? If your Guelph Transit the answer is ‘no’. It’s a paradoxic move for the service even as it moves into council mandated budget cuts for the summer and the loss of twice-a-day peak service. The reaction from the public in the last week though has not been good, as the cuts are being blamed for delays and missed transfers by the City’s dedicated bus riders. Continue reading “Transit Users Not Pleased – Okay Pissed – This First Week Without Peak Service”