Ontario Government Announces Election Changes (Not the Ones You Want)

Election reform advocates have been trying to get some serious changes made to the ways we vote and run political campaigns for years, but chances are that they were not the audience the Government of Ontario was thinking about today with changes to the Elections Act. The Attorney General announced the Protecting Ontario Elections Act on Thursday, and he says it’s meant to protect elections from outside interference. Continue reading “Ontario Government Announces Election Changes (Not the Ones You Want)”

Ontario Government Changes Rules for Cannabis Retailers

After a year of struggle in trying to create a retail cannabis marketplace in Ontario, the Provincial government is changing the rules to make it easier to get stores off the ground. Come 2020, there will be no more quotas, and no more lotteries, as Ontario tries to play catch-up with other parts of Canada in making it easier to get legal pot. Continue reading “Ontario Government Changes Rules for Cannabis Retailers”