Greens Gather in Guelph to Go for Good Governance

The Green Party of Ontario is setting the stage for what it hopes will be an electoral breakthrough akin to provincial victories in British in P.E.I. and British Columbia this weekend with their party convention at the Delta Hotel and Conference Centre here in Guelph. Continue reading “Greens Gather in Guelph to Go for Good Governance”

Ranked Ballot Initiative Launching in Guelph

After last fall’s round of municipal elections in Ontario, Premier Kathleen Wynne promised to look into the idea of incorporating ranked ballots into the process for the 2018 vote. The idea generated a lot of interest, most prominently from Toronto Mayor John Tory, who recently pressed Wynne to move forward with legislation to approve a new ranked ballot system for Canada’s biggest city. Never one to shy away from progressive thinking and new ideas, concerned Guelphites are now jumping on to the debate and are looking to make ranked ballots a reality for the Royal City in 2018. Continue reading “Ranked Ballot Initiative Launching in Guelph”