Guelph Stays AA+ Despite the Financial Fallout of the Pandemic

For the eighth year in a row, the City of Guelph has secured a AA+ rating from the Standard & Poors global rating agency. This good economic news comes in the midst of a fiscal year where Guelph has been hit with the negative effects of COVID-19 and the economic problems created by the pandemic, and although Guelph is not alone in these conditions, it seems again we’re doing better than some of the others. Continue reading “Guelph Stays AA+ Despite the Financial Fallout of the Pandemic”

S&P Extends AA+ Credit Rating For a Seventh Year

A prime indicator for the financial health of the Corporation of the City of Guelph, Standards & Poors has affirmed its AA+ credit rating for the City for a seventh straight year while adding that the outlook is still stable. Continue reading “S&P Extends AA+ Credit Rating For a Seventh Year”

Guelph is AA+ For Six Years Running (Financially Speaking)

In spite of all those public masturbators, Guelph continues to hold a very strong AA+ credit rating in the newest evaluation from Standard and Poors. In their humble estimation, Guelph looks very financially stable for the next few years, and, if we play our cards right, we might even get our credit status upgraded. Continue reading “Guelph is AA+ For Six Years Running (Financially Speaking)”

PRESS RELEASE – City Touts Continually Strong Credit Rating

Considering that financial prudence (or lack there of) is going to be an issue in the municipal election, it came as somewhat suspicious that the City of Guelph would release the following press release on the Friday before the long weekend that official launches the campaign in earnest. Yes, the city wants to remind citizens that Standards & Poor’s has decided to continue our status as an AA+ credit rated municipality. That sounds pretty good, but will it be persuasive enough for city hall’s critics endorse the current administration when it comes time to case ballots? Continue reading “PRESS RELEASE – City Touts Continually Strong Credit Rating”