When Terry Passed Through Town

Sandwiched between an article announcing that the new MacDonald-Stewart Art Centre would be opening in November, and pictures of the visiting Canadian Hearing Society’s mobile van on page 3 of the July 17 edition of The Daily Mercury was a notice. A young man named Terry Fox was running his way across Canada in a “Marathon of Hope” in order to raise money and awareness for cancer research, and his long journey was to bring him to Guelph that coming Tuesday. Continue reading “When Terry Passed Through Town”

VIDEO – Local Veterans Talk about Their Service at McCrae House

It’s Remembrance Day across Canada today, but the annual ceremony of remembering those that served – the ones that came home and the ones that did not – began on Sunday at McCrae House with an event called “Thank a Veteran.” Several local vets across many decades of service gathered their to tell stories, share memories, and remind us why Remembrance Day is a sacred occasion. A few of them talked to Guelph Politico in this special video. Continue reading “VIDEO – Local Veterans Talk about Their Service at McCrae House”

Film from Budds Fire in 1965 Found and Posted

It was with sadness that Guelphites heard the news earlier this month that Budds would be closing its three locations in Kitchener, Guelph and Simcoe in the new year. On January 10, 1965 though, Budds came close to closing forever in Guelph 50 years in advanced when a fire broke out that Sunday afternoon and completely decimated the store at 111 Wyndham St. N. An 8mm film taken that day was recently donated to my friends at Ed Video, and it was digitzed and posted to YouTube for your historical pleasure. Continue reading “Film from Budds Fire in 1965 Found and Posted”

Heritage Group will Save the Petrie Building

It’s not quite an eyesore, but for architectural fans and admires of the historic facades in our downtown, the disintegrating condition of the Petrie building has long been a sticking point. But good news! Today, it’s been announced that Tyrcathlen Partners will be buying the building with an eye on renovating the heritage building. Continue reading “Heritage Group will Save the Petrie Building”

Flashback to Downtown Guelph Circa 1960s/70s

One of the great treats of seeing photos from Downtown Guelph’s past is how immediately evocative it is; it’s both familiar and alien at the exact same time. But photos are one thing, seeing the whole place in action, in living colour, on film is a completely different experience, but it’s one we can enjoy thanks to the following discovery by Vintage Guelph. The exact time and date the film was taken is unknown – sometime in the 1960s or 70s certainly – but this is definitely a treat for local history buffs (like myself).  Continue reading “Flashback to Downtown Guelph Circa 1960s/70s”