MEETING PREVIEW: Heritage Guelph Meeting for February 13, 2023

For February’s Heritage Guelph meeting, it feels like we’re resetting the table for the tricky years ahead. Two items will be before the committee this month, both already familiar to the public at large; Heritage Guelph will formally recommend the shape and size of the heritage district at the old jail lands, and then begin the busy work of saving as much heritage as they can in the next 24 months.

NOTE #1: If you would like to delegate to one of the items at the meeting, get in touch eith the committee liaison before Friday February 10 at noon at jack.mallon [at] or by calling 519-837-5616, ext 3872. 

NOTE #2: This meeting takes place virtually at 12 pm on Cisco Webex. Follow the link on the Heritage Guelph agenda for this meeting.

Ontario Reformatory HCD Study Workshop #3: Phase 1 Study Recommendation – At last month’s Heritage Guelph meeting, the committee heard about the proposed borders for the Heritage Conservation District at the Ontario Reformatory Lands. Committee’s reaction seemed mostly positive, but since the presentation was discussed at a workshop meeting, they had to wait to formalize the borders at a formal meeting of the committee. The motion is simple: “THAT Heritage Guelph supports the recommended boundary for the Ontario Reformatory Heritage Conservation District.”

Designation Priorities and Draft 2023 Workplan – Since December, planning staff have been trying to round up the committee’s recommendations for properties on the heritage list that need to be registered in the next two years when changes passed in Bill 23 will wipe anything not designated from the list.

Staff have compiled the Top 10 list that will be the focus of research in 2023 based on committee’s feedback. Perhaps the most famous building on the list is the old Sleeman estate on Silvercreek Parkway South, which is presently known as the Manor. 167 Suffolk Street West is another commercial property on the list, the current home to the Barber Gallery, plus the old mixed-use building at the corner of Eramosa and Arthur. Two Gordon Street properties at 31 and 218-220 are also on the list, plus homes at 9 Arthur North, 49 Metcalfe, 108 Queen, and 408 Willow. Last, but not least, is the old gothic-style farmhouse at 331 Clair East. See the Top list with details and pictures here.


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