City Council Preview – What’s on the Agenda for the February 15 Meeting?

Workshop Wednesdays continues with one of the most basic areas of governance, the rules for running city council. To learn more about the rules and the acts governing them, this council session will bring in a special guest to lead council through everything they want to know and need to know about conflicts of interest and codes of conduct, and how to keep council’s whistle clean on both counts.

NOTE #1: Since this meeting is a workshop there are no delegation opportunities at these meetings.

NOTE #2: In addition to appearing in-person, this meeting will also be live-streamed on the City of Guelph’s website here.

Code of Conduct and Municipal Conflict of Interest Act Training – This subject of this workshop will require not only the expertise of City Clerk Stephen O’Brien, but it will also see the City’s Integrity Commissioner John Mascarin take part.

First up, council will cover the the Codes of Conduct and the role of the Integrity Commissioner including how and why cities need someone in the role, and then how a complaint is managed when it comes in to the Integrity Commissioner. The presentation will also cover the role of the commissioner when they’re giving guidance, and what kind of investigative powers they have as well as reporting and enforcement options.

After that, council will learn more about the Municipal Conflict of Interest Act. Council got a high-level crash course on the Act back in November, but this presentation will be a little more thorough definitions, principles, exceptions and the duty of members. The presentation will also cover disclosure, written statements and the registry, plus potential contraventions, penalties, and appeals.


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