City of Guelph Lays Out Vaccine Certification Rules at City Facilities

Ontario’s new vaccine certification program starts on Wednesday, but businesses aren’t the only ones who will now have to make sure those coming into their space are fully vaccinated. On Wednesday, the City of Guelph will take part in the new vaccine certificate program as people enter City facilities. Yes, to get into some City of Guelph programs and buildings next week, you will need to show your vaccinated.

Starting on Wednesday September 22, any resident who is 12 years of age and over will have to show proof of vaccination when they either participate in recreation programs and activities, or when you enter spectator or viewing areas, fitness facilities, shows at the River Run Centre, any game or event at the Sleeman Centre, and the Guelph Public Library at the West End Community Centre. If you have a medical exemption from receiving a vaccine, you will be asked to present a doctor’s note outlining the reason for the exemption and any time limits associated with it.

Per the provincial rules announced earlier this month, you will need to show proof of vaccination in select businesses and public spaces if you want to enter. That includes meeting and event spaces like banquet halls and conference/convention centres, sports and fitness facilities, sporting events, casinos, bingo halls, concert and performance venues, music festivals, cinemas, racing venues, and adult entertainment establishments. You will also need to show proof of vaccination for indoor dining at bars and restaurants, as well as for nightclubs both indoors and outdoors.

You will not have to show proof of vaccination in order to participate in any organized sports including leagues, organized pick-up sports, dance classes, martial arts, competitive swimming and swimming classes. You will also not have to show proof of vaccination in order to pay fines or taxes, or when you’re buying bus passes at service counters. You can also forgo proof of vaccination when using washrooms at non-rec centre City facilities, when you’re visiting Guelph Museums, or when you’re visiting City Hall to get married.

Until a digital vaccine receipt in the form of a downloadable QR code on your smart phone is released next month, you will need to either carry physical paper copies of your vaccine receipts, or download a .pdf to your smart phone. Staff will check your receipts when you enter a facility, and you will have to provide your name and phone number for contact tracing. To access your vaccine receipt, visit Ontario Health’s website here and have your green Health Card number and your postal code handy.

Finally, the City will be suspending the sale of bus passes and bulk item tickets at the Evergreen Seniors Community Centre, the West End Community Centre and the Victoria Road Recreation Centre starting on Wednesday. You will be able to purchase passes and tickets at a variety of locations around the city including some convenience stores and library branch locations. Click here to see the full list.

Proof of vaccination shouldn’t be much of a problem for Guelph with 91.6 per cent of eligible residents having had one shot and 86.4 per cent now with both. On Friday, there were 110 total active cases of COVID-19 in Guelph alone and 166 in the whole region.

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