Your regularly scheduled Guelph Politicast is taking a few weeks off, so in lieu of two weeks of dead air, we’ll be playing some Politicast repeats. You see kids, a repeat is when an episode that’s previously aired is re-played, or re-run, instead of airing an entirely new episode. For this first week, we’re going to back in time to the end of last year for an issue that matters to all us: blood.

This episode originally aired during the holiday season, a time period where a lot of people have time off, and the increase in blood need goes up. Can you guess what other time of year where people take a lot of days off? August. The summer offers no shortage of opportunities for people to get hurt so bad that they need blood, and let’s not forget the regularly scheduled surgeries and transfusions that require the constant flow of fresh blood.

Presently, the Guelph-office of Canadian Blood Services is putting out a repeated and urgent call for O-negative blood. Apparently, only seven per cent of Canadians have O-negative blood, but these select people are universal donors, meaning their blood can be given  to anyone with any other blood type in an emergency. Canadian Blood Services is still collecting blood safely in the midst of COVID-19, and there are a lot of reasons why you should give. Let’s discuss. Again.

On this rerun of the podcast, we are joined by Kersten Dupuis, the Territory Manager at the Guelph clinic of Canadian Blood Services. She will share her personal about the importance of blood donation, and how it inspires her to promote blood donation at her job every day. She will also explain what the experience of giving blood is like now, the process you’ll have to go through, and why there’s a lot of pressure to get blood donations over the holidays.

So let’s talk again about blood, and needing blood, on this week’s rerun of the Guelph Politicast!

Canadian Blood Services in their Guelph location at 130 Silvercreek Parkway North is open and ready to take your blood, but you do have to make an appointment to donate. To find out how, visit their website, or call 1 888 2 DONATE (1-888-236-6283).

***The Guelph Politicast will return with new episodes on August 24

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