This Week in Lloyd: Plastic Research, Infrastructure, and Recipes

Guelph MP Lloyd Longfield [usually works a ways from the Royal City, but he’s still working for the people in his riding. So what has he been up to lately? This is “This Week in Lloyd.”

Money for the U of G to Study Micro-Plastic Effects

On May 31, Lloyd Longfield announced that nearly $1 million was going to the University of Guelph to expand our knowledge, and understanding about the risks of micro-plastics on the ecosystem. It’s part of a total $7 million for seven new studies in plastic research across Canada, and at the U of G, Dr. Ryan Prosser will be looking specifically at the the effects of micro-plastics on crop plants and on organisms ingesting the material in soil and water.

“Plastics provide an opportunity to redefine waste as a resource, a resource that is wasted when it goes to landfill. Keeping plastics circulating in the economy makes good economic sense, in addition to reducing the impact plastics have on the environment when they go to waste,” Longfield said in a statement. “Congratulations to Dr. Ryan Prosser and the U of G for continuing to improve life now and for future generations.”

We Also Got Money to Promote Organic Benefits

The Organic Council of Ontario, which is based out of the Ignatius Jesuit Centre in the north end of the city, has received $105,406 to build awareness about the environmental and economic benefits of adopting organic and regenerative farming practices among Ontario farmers, and encourage farmers to adopt them. This will be a province-wide information sharing program, that will centralize information and develop digital and print resources to raise awareness about more sustainable farming methods.

“Having sat on the Standing Committee for Agriculture and Agri-food, and now sitting on the Standing Committee for the Environment and Sustainability, we have recognized the important role organic farming plays in reducing greenhouse gas emissions on the farm,” Longfield said. “This funding will help the organic farming industry to raise awareness in the broader public when they make their food purchasing decisions.”

Community Funds to Improve Local Hiking

Through the KW Community Foundation, the Federal government’s Canada Healthy Communities Initiative is giving $31,000 to the Guelph Hiking Trail Club for improved trail maintenance and to help fund the safe crossing bridge at the James Street Trail. The government is making $31 million available through Canada Healthy Communities Initiative, which is meant to help communities adapt to the pandemic and create safe ways to interact outdoors. This funding is from the first round of payouts.

“Communities know best what kind of projects would have the greatest impact for their residents and local economies as they respond to the unique challenges presented by COVID-19,” said Longfield. “That’s why it’s great to see support for the Guelph Hiking Trail’s project, which will ensure safe healthy activities in our community.”

“Trails have been a major pressure relief for people during COVID while so many other things have been shut down. Their value has never been as fully realized as they are during these difficult times,” added John Fisher, president of the Trails Club. “The community has really come together around the James Street project. It has needed attention for as long as anyone can remember. This grant is making a good solution possible for everyone in Guelph and we’re very proud to be a part of that.”

Applications for the second round of funding is now open, and the deadline is June 25 at 5 pm.

A Salute to Local Authors in the House

In a statement to the House of Commons this week, Lloyd Longfield got a chance to salute two local authors, Eric Walters who wrote the children’s book The King of Jam Sandwiches, and Dr. Madhur Anand who penned the new memoir This Red Line Goes Straight to Your Heart. “I encourage everyone to read Canadian, and in particular during #IndigenousReads month, to show their support to our talented indigenous authors and illustrators,” Longfield said. “This also supports our publishers and our local bookstores. People can use the #IReadCanadianDay to share their favourite stories.”

Lloyd Wants Your Recipes

If you have a beloved recipe that you don’t mind sharing with Guelph, Lloyd Longfield is asking you to submit it for his 2022 constituency calendar. Called, “Guelph’s Flavours of the World!”, the calendar will feature 12 selected recipes, and any recipes that don’t make the final cut will be featured on Longfield’s social media pages. To enter, submit your recipe here with a high-quality image of the completed dish.

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