GUELPH POLITICAST #252 – Christmas With Cam

Looking back at 2020, one recalls the loft aspirations for the year that Mayor Cam Guthrie articulated at his annual State of the City speech. That was the first week of February. Less than six weeks later, the world was closed and Guthrie had to lead the city through what might be the most complicated and multifaceted crisis that Guelph has ever faced in its 193-year history. So how did it go?

You may recall that Mayor Guthrie took part in an episode of the Politicast earlier this year where we tried to deconstruct his political thinking and how he’s tried to govern as mayor. These were the salad days before the pandemic, when COVID-19 was still this weird international news story that was happening to China, and almost definitely wouldn’t affect us here.

Even at the best of times, it’s worth knowing how our political leaders think and how they make decisions beyond the bare knuckle fact of how they voted on a specific measure when it comes up in the council chamber. Looking back, given the unprecedented nature of this year’s events, it seems like we did that interview at the perfect time because whatever leadership instincts that Guthrie brought with him into 2020 have surely been tested daily since mid-March when the world was shutdown.

So this week on the podcast, Mayor Guthrie will join us to look back at the year 2020, and talk about what his weekly schedule looks like now and how he’s managed relations with upper levels of government through the pandemic. He also discusses what he’s learned about leadership in the last year, and what he’s learned about Guelph, especially on matters of equality. And finally, Guthrie will also talk about what he would like to do in 2021, and he will tacitly announce his intention to run for a third term in 2022.

So let’s have a Christmastime talk with the mayor on this week’s episode of the Guelph Politicast!

You can find the mayor easily enough on all his social media channels, and his own mayoral website. Meetings of city council will resume on January 11 with the first Committee of the Whole meeting of 2021, and that agenda will be released next week on New Year’s Eve.

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