RECAP: Longfield, Schreiner, and Guthrie Answer COVID Concerns

On Wednesday evening, Guelph’s Member of Parliament, Member of Provincial Parliament, and Mayor all got together by phone for a virtual town hall. Over the space of an hour, Lloyd Longfield, Mike Schreiner, and Cam Guthrie answered questions from the community about the local response to the pandemic, and the issues we will face on health, welfare, and the economy as we enter the winter months.

According to a media release from the Mayor’s office, about 5,300 households took part in the town hall. A third-party company was hired to facilitate the town hall, which involved calling numbers from Elections Canada list of electors. It was deemed that this was the most effective way to reach the largest number of people in Guelph according to the release.

Check out the full recap from the town hall below via Twitter:

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