Second Emergency Council Meeting is Called for Next Thursday

This past Monday would have been the monthly Committee of the Whole meeting at the council chambers of City Hall, and this past Wednesday there was a special meeting of council on the schedule. Four previously scheduled council meetings have been cancelled as we’ve been locked down thanks to COVID-19, but a second emergency meeting has now been scheduled for next Thursday.

City Clerk Stephen O’Brien sent out a notice late Thursday afternoon announcing that an emergency meeting of Guelph city council that will take place on Thursday April 16 at 6 pm. Members of the public will be able to follow along the meeting at home on the City’s live stream (and, of course, with live tweets courtesy of Guelph Politico).

No official agenda has been released yet for the meeting, but this council session will reportedly cover new changes to the Procedural Bylaw to allow for more remote meetings, and reports about the City’s response to COVID-19. According to the clerks office, an agenda will be posted to the City’s website by Tuesday at the latest.

The last time city council met it was on Monday March 23. It was a remote meeting that mixed councillors appearing via telepresence, while the mayor and senior staff gathered physically in the council chambers while monitoring social distancing. Like last time, the council chambers will be closed to the public, but in a new addition to the emergency routine council will be able to hear delegations.

If anyone would like to delegate at next Thursday’s meeting, you will be able to do so by telephone. You have to follow the usual procedure to inform the clerk’s office of your intention to delegate, and on the night of, they will phone you when it’s your turn to delegate. If you are interested in delegating at the meeting, you will have to let the clerks office know by 11 am on April 16.

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