RECAP: Three Federal Candidates Talk Food Insecurity in First Election Debate

In an event hosted by Arrell Food Institute and The SEED, three of Guelph’s Federal Election candidates met in the first debate of the season to talk about issues of food insecurity, food sovereignty, and food accessibility.

Nearly 100 people crowded into a community space on the lower level of the Guelph Community Health Centre building on Upper Wyndham, and they were hungry for details in the first political debate of the 2019 Federal Election. Liberal incumbent Lloyd Longfield was in attendance along with Green Party candidate Steve Dyck, and NDP candidate Aisha Jahangir. Conservative candidate Dr. Ashish Sachan had a placard with his name on it at the front table, but he was not present.

The event is part of the Eat Think Vote (ETV) campaign, which was created by Food Secure Canada as a way to have Federal candidates to discuss food related issues and make them an election priority. This Guelph version of Eat Think Vote was co-sponsored by the Arrell Food Institute, the front-face for food research and policy at the University of Guelph, and The SEED, which offers community-based programs to tackle food insecurity.

You can learn more about Eat Think Vote at the Food Secure Canada website here.

The full recap off the debate is below:

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