GUELPH POLITICAST #182 – Maxime Bernier’s Guelph Town Hall

As we count down to the start of the 2019 Federal Election, we will likely see several special guests from the various political parties come to town, including the leaders themselves. Of course, you’ll recall that at least two party leaders have already come to the Royal City, in last week’s bonus episode you heard from one, and this week, you’ll hear from another.

Green Party leader Elizabeth May came and went without much controversy last month, but in the same week, People’s Party of Canada leader Maxime Bernier also stopped by. You may recall some drama around people planning to protest the town hall, the People’s Party riding association feeling threatened, and then the question to the media of whether or not to cover the town hall on the condition of never, ever saying where it took place.

It’s been debated to death, but what’s been reported out of the town hall has perhaps been far more valuable than the one thing that wasn’t reported. So much has been said about what the People’s Party is, and what it stands for, but what matters to the people of the People’s Party? What are the issues that are driving them to hear out the leader of the newest Federal party?

Perhaps this will lend some insight. This entry in the podcast features the question and answer session from the town hall where Bernier took queries from the 70-some-odd people that attended. The subjects asked about covered healthcare, abortion, conspiracies, what the People’s Party represents and what its goals are, and more.

So let’s hear Guelph’s questions, and Maxime Bernier’s answers on this special edition of the Guelph Politicast!

The regular Guelph Politicast, with this week’s guest Ofer Berenstein of the University of Calgary, will be available Wednesday as usual. Open Sources Guelph will return this Thursday on CFRU, August 15, and next Monday in podcast form.

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