City Looking for Feedback on New Community Buses and Latest Baker Update

The City of Guelph sometimes needs your help, and these are two of those occasions. If you’ve got thoughts about transit or Baker Street, then this is your chance to contribute.

Where to Community Bus?

In one of the few surprises from the Guelph Transit Service Review was the direction to create a broader community bus network. During the budget process, council approved the $2.7 million needed to buy five new buses, and now the City is asking transit users where they should drive them.

“We want to hear from our riders and non-riders to understand why they take the Community Bus or don’t, and how we can improve the service to get people where they want to go and when they want to go there,” said Jason Simmons, transit operations manager at Guelph Transit, in a media statement.

An online survey is open to get public feedback until May 31.

Transit staff will be looking at the expansion from a variety of considerations including the best locations, timing, and the expected positive financial impact. “We expect that with improvements to the Community Bus service, we will see an increase in ridership; which means an increase in revenues,” added Simmons.

The City of Guelph presently has two community buses that service loops in the north and south end of the city from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm every Monday through Saturday. Commuters are able to catch the community bus at a regularly posted stop, or by flagging it down. The expanded services is expected to be ready for fall 2020.

In Future Library News…

A couple of days before the deadline for the Community Bus survey, the City will again be holding an open house on the Baker Street Redevelopment on Wednesday May 29 from 2 pm to 4 pm, and again from 7 pm to 9 pm at the River Run Centre.

This workshop will focus mainly on the new main library branch, and the design of the urban square. Members of the City of Guelph, Windmill Development Group, and Invizij will be on hand to get answers to questions like, Does the library program provide the types of services you expect from a central library? Does the urban square provide the types of experiences you expect from a civic space?  Does the sustainability plan reflect your green goals and ambitions for Baker District?

If you can’t make it, the workshop materials will be available online through by May 31, where you will have an opportunity to leave comments as well.

You can get all the background about the Baker Street Redevelopment on the City’s website here.

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